FurPals® Pet Care Proudly Serves
the Metropolitan Washington DC Area

We are metro DC's answer to in-home pet care.
Our dedication to your pet's welfare is unparalleled!

We serve Metropolitan Washington DC and several sections of
Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland.
If you're looking for quality care for your best friends, FurPals® is your answer.

can keep your pets comfortable at home...
even when you aren't there!

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit. Although our canine and feline family members descended from their “wild” cousins (wolves and lions) and retain many of their characteristics, they are quite attached to you—the pack or pride leader, and their home. So when you are away from them on travel or working late, and they are boarded at a kennel or pet hotel, the two things that give them the most comfort—you and their home—are absent.

FurPals® treats yours as ours, providing loving care in your home while you are away. We are not only professional pet sitters, but also pet owners, so we can relate. In our complimentary initial consultation we meet you and your pet and customize visits that will maximize your pet’s comfort and your value.

The next time you travel or work late, let FurPals® provide special care for your special pet, and become a member of our extended family.

Why Hire a Petsitter

Less Traumatic – no transporting; flexibility in your schedule; pet stays home
Familiar surroundings
No variance in routine
Maintains safety and presence in the home
Economical and personal alternative to kennels and pet hotels

What to Look for in a Petsitter

Connection with your pet
Organization and policies
Insured and bonded
Continuing education
Participation in professional associations and forums
Involvement in animal-related activities
First Aid and safety training

Why Choose FurPals®

Well rounded pet professionals
Insured and bonded by the Business Insurers of the Carolinas
NAPPS Certified and PSI Accredited
American Red Cross and Pet Tech Safety and First Aid Trained
Committed to continuing education on animals and animal-related issues
Volunteer Animal-Assisted Therapy Team at hospitals, nursing homes and psychiatric
      facilities with adults, seniors, and at-risk youth
Volunteers with Misunderstood Pit Bull Rescue
Members of professional associations and online communities
Last but not least - Your Pet will Love us as much as We Love Pets!

The majority of pet sitting visits will be done by Yvette, owner of FurPals® Pet Care. However, if we are unavailable, we may have independent contractors care for your pets and home. Rest assured though, that all pet sitters working on behalf of FurPals® Pet Care have been throroughly checked out before sending them into pet owners' homes.


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