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Ken Sinsel and Yvette Foucher-Sinsel are the owners of FurPals®
and are dedicated to providing you and your pet with the best service and care possible.

The following messages from Ken & Yvette will give you a good idea of
their FurPals® mission and their passion for pets.


Message from Yvette

As long as I can remember, dogs have been a part of my life. I got it honestly, though… When I look at family photographs from previous generations on both sides of my family, the canines always had a prominent place in the picture.

Pets were present throughout my childhood. Caesar, my male Westie, was my first pet as an adult. When I brought him home, I looked at that cute 8-month white fuzzy boy pup and I had the same revelation that new parents do—I am totally responsible for you—for you eating and going out, and you are totally dependant on me. He shared my life for over 17 years, and is still in my daily thoughts.

It wasn’t intentional but as the old adage goes, “birds of a feather flock together.” Most of my friends had dogs and when we’d get together to cook out, on holidays, or just to visit, the dogs would gather too. As a group of “single mothers” we all would help each other out when one worked or attended school late or traveled. In retrospect, this was the beginning of FurPals®.

I currently share my home with my husband of four years and our five mixed breed dogs, composed of two former strays and two former rescue pups. The “planned” one joined our current Alpha after dear Caesar passed away.

We are a family and our dogs are our fur children. We know firsthand the joy and comfort that they bring to you, and we extend the same care to yours as we do ours. Although we are solely a canine and aquatic family, trust that your other species will get the same loving attention from us.


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