FurPals® Standards, Code of Ethics, and Policies

Yvette Foucher-Sinsel and Ken Sinsel, the owners of FurPals®
are dedicated to providing you and your pet with the best service and care possible.

FurPals® adheres to the following standards, code of ethics, and policies.

Quality Standards and Code of Ethics

As members of the professional associations NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) and PSI (Pet Sitters International), we follow their quality standards and codes of conduct and ethics. We also have developed our own.

FurPals® is committed to:

Honesty and integrity
Quality of services
Promptness in addressing inquires or complaints
Operating with high standards and respect for clients and colleagues
Advocating animal welfare
Continuing education

Certificates of Insurance

FurPals® is insured and bonded through the Business Insurers of the Carolinas. Our certificates are available to view upon request.


Privacy and Confidentiality

We do not share or sell your email or any other of your personal information you entrust to us.


All dogs and cats must be current on their vaccinations prior to FurPals® beginning a petsitting assignment. To ensure that there are no complications after vaccinations have been administered, FurPals® requires that your pets have received their inoculations no less than one week prior to the first visit.

Canine Vaccinations

Rabies – one or three year vaccine
Distemper, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza (DPP) – one or three year vaccine

If excursions to dog parks or interaction with other dogs is planned during the time that FurPals® will be petsitting, the intranasally administered Bordatella vaccine is highly advised. This is the vaccination for Kennel Cough. It should be given annually.

Feline Vaccinations

Rabies – one or three year vaccine
Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calcivirus, and Panleukopenia (FVRCP) – one or three year vaccine

Preventative Medications

It is highly advised that your pet be on preventative Heartworm medication, and considering the climate in the Washington, DC area, a topical flea and tick treatment.


To ensure guaranteed service and your peace of mind, we suggest that as soon as your travel or schedule plans are solidified, you book with us.

During peak service periods; e.g., holidays, we highly advise that you book well in advance. There are no limits on how far in advance you can plan with us, and in these cases, we send a reminder 30 days in advance and also confirm with you one week before if we have not heard from you. There is flexibility in moving your appointments up or back a day, and no penalty.

We try to accommodate you on a short notice (48 hours or less), but urgent bookings are subject to a $5 per visit surcharge; applicable to each visit in the reservation.

Emergency Contacts

Notify us of any changes to your emergency information; including but not limited to:

cell phone numbers for you and your emergency contacts
regular and emergency veterinarians
changes in security alarm codes


FurPals® requires 2 copies of your keys to remain on file with us. If you have only one set available at the Initial Consultation, we will obtain an additional set at the cost of $3 per key. Your keys are kept in a locked safe separate from your records and labeled only with your pet’s name and a coded number.

If you prefer to have your keys returned, we will hand deliver them to you and a drop-off fee ($15 each) would apply at that time. We encourage you to leave them on file with us, as it eliminates future trips and charges to reacquire your keys. Also, in the event that you are locked out, we will bring one set to you at the cost of $30 and replacement cost for another set of keys, if needed. This is much more economical than calling a locksmith.

Drop-off/pick-up charges apply if parties meet, petsitter comes to client, or client comes to petsitter.

Returning Home

Please call us when you return home and notify us if you plan to return early or later and need to extend our service period. Our utmost concern is your pet’s care as well as your safe return. We are “old school” petsitters and pet parents and prefer that you contact us via phone (202-488-3123). However, if you have a preferred mode, such as emailing from your portable device, that is acceptable. Details such as this are covered in our initial consultation and paperwork.

If we have not heard from you regarding your return and have not been able to contact you, we will make a visit to ensure your pet’s comfort and regular schedule are not disrupted, and the appropriate charges for the visit would apply.

Household and Pet Supplies

Please leave the appropriate quantity available for us to access. If extra supplies are needed during your absence, FurPals® will purchase them, and reimbursement for the items and errand service time in increments of 15 minutes will apply.


Unless arrangements have been made in advance, payment in full is required one week prior to commencement of services. If adjustments in either direction need to be made after completion of services, credit may be applied to a future service request.
Daily clients may be invoiced on a monthly basis.
Payment may be made in cash, by personal or electronic check, or via PayPal.


Cancellations 48 hours or less for services previously scheduled are due and payable in full.

Holiday Surcharge

On the following holidays, an. additional surcharge will be applied. $10/day based on 1-2 visits daily; More than 2 visits per day = $10/day + $5/additional visit

Veterans’ Day – Thursday through Sunday
Thanksgiving – Thursday through Sunday
Christmas – December 23 through December 26
New Year’s – December 30 through January 2
Government Holiday Weekends – Friday to Monday:
      - MLK Day
      - Presidents’ Day
      - Easter
      - Memorial Day (Observed)
      - Labor Day
      - Columbus Day (Observed)
      - Independence Day - July 1 through July 4

Inclement Weather

In cases of weather emergencies, FurPals® will make all efforts to remain on schedule and complete the requested visits. In extreme situations, the number of multiple visits may have to be reduced to accommodate road and traffic conditions. We will, however, remain in touch with you during that time.

Disaster Preparedness

FurPals® Disaster Preparedness Plan is available upon request. We also suggest that as a pet owner you have a personal Disaster Preparedness Plan. A sample plan for pet owners is available free of charge to download from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) website, petsitters.org.


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